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PB1 Ultra Light Power Board (English) PDF Nyomtatás E-mail
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2011. november 19. szombat, 11:16

PB1 Ultra Light Power Board
(optimized for FrSky D8R, D8R V2, D8R-II receivers)

This is a safety device with two independent akku pack combined redundant, auto-switching, power supply and high security circuit, separation of individual fuse it!

This version is 1800mm and below the planes's proposal.
The main function of two independent card akku pack (6V) common redundant and the receiver connected to the burden (servo power supply for high-security benefits), and separation of individual shorted servos. BEC does not have the card!
The circuit is optimized FrSky D8R ceceivers, so they do not need to use the card and additional power cables between the receiver! Other receivers can also be used, but if the connection is not stimmelne assignment, or it will not fit mechanically, then 4 x power cable can be connected so solder.
D8R receivers using voltage divider and a dual battery pack when using both telemetry and monitored alarms can be set as well!

Main technical parameters:

- 2 independent akku pack (5-10V) or two independent (U)BEC

- High-speed, fault-free switching, max. 10A load,

- Power supply interference filter,

- Reverse polarity protection,

- Per-channel power isolation circuits (up to 1.5A / channel)

- max dead time 6s.

The shorted servos 8pcs self-healing , thermal fuse disconnect. Measurement, the standard servos Approx. 1A restrained take on the case. This will start being released over the 1.5A fuse (about 10s here). The current increase in the release time decreases exponentially. The self-healing fuse, the circuit is terminated (or off) after restoring the original condition and working order again (not need change).

This technique has advantages also disadvantages (like everything).
- An advantage that it is relatively cheap and easy solution
- Drawback is the relatively slow release time (about 6s). During this time, the receiver power supply is gone. The reversal of time will be fast.
This means that the total circuit of the machine ca. 6s up control without going to fly, then the power comes back, and hence the receiver starts booting (this is the case FrSky fast, thanks to the designer, but a case of Corona ...)! This you should know about ...
It is however certain, if this is the circuit after the control will never come back.
So there are more than zero.
The release time faster, the higher the fault current. Thus, a small internal resistance batery pack more quickly, so older and a larger internal resistance batery pack for longer.

Use telemetry:

Fixing cabels!

See more pictures: here

Contact: e-mail

More info: www.rc-miskolc.emiter.hu

Use for telemetry dual voltage divider: